Wednesday, October 6, 2010


DiDi was having her second cup of coffee when the doorbell rang.

“You’re early!”

“We wanted to help you get ready, first,” said Chris.

“So we brought you something to wear… here!" said Mitzi, shoving a gift bag into her hands.

“Well, thanks… I think,” said DiDi. She was starting to get a little concerned about what she was getting herself into. “But what’s wrong with what I’m wearing? You said to dress casually… am I too under-dressed?”

“You look fine,” said Chris, “but jeans are too restricting… you won’t be able to move in them.”

Now DiDi was wishing she’d never agreed to go along with this at all.

“Don’t be scared, DiDi!” laughed Mitzi at the stricken look on DiDi’s face. “We’re not taking you bungee-jumping or rock climbing or anything… we’re just taking you to a yoga class at the Wiley Dance Studio.”

DiDi had heard that Gavin Wiley had returned to Monticello and re-opened his dance studio earlier that year. She and Calvin had always meant to stop by and say hello… maybe even take a few ballroom classes. Sadly, they’d never made it. DiDi’s eyes got misty at the thought of Calvin holding her in his arms and twirling her around the dance floor.

“Yeah,” said Chris, “Gavin still has ballroom classes at night, but during the day he has yoga and Pilates classes. I’ve been going for a couple months now and I’ve noticed a difference. I feel a lot less stressed and just in a better mood all around. I even lost five pounds!”

“Who’d-a-thunk-it,” cracked Mitzi, “Kick-butt detective Chris Eagan taking a yoga class!”

“Hey, I’m not a detective anymore, remember? I took early retirement to see if I could turn my love for drawing and painting into a career.”

“I know,” said Mitzi, "Cliff and I were shocked to see your gallery on Main Street when we moved back to town. I love your work, though, and I have to admit, it’s nice getting to know your softer side. When we lived here before, I never thought you had one.”

Sweet as she was, tact had never been one of Mitzi’s strong suits. She just blurted out whatever was on her mind. That was one of the things DiDi loved about her… you always knew where you stood with Mitzi. And no matter how painful it was, you could always rely on her to tell you the truth.

“A couple months ago, I might have taken offense at your remark, Mitzz, but since I’ve been going to yoga, I don’t take things so personally anymore… lucky for you.”

“Okay, you two!” DiDi laughed, “Let me go change into my ‘yoga clothes’ so we’re not late for class. What time does it start?”

“Don’t worry, we’ve got time,” said Chris. "Class doesn’t start till 12:30 and I’ve already paid for all three of us to reserve our spots. Gavin teaches this class himself, and it fills up pretty quickly. It's my treat.”

“Gee, that’s really sweet, Chris,” said Mitzi. “I’m really liking this new softer side!”

“You’re more than welcome, Mitzz,” said Chris, “But about that ‘softer side’… I wouldn’t push it.”


“Can I count on you two to play nicely while I change?” asked DiDi, her eyes twinkling with amusement.

“Of, course!”

“Sure, no problem!”


As DiDi hurried off to change she couldn’t help but think how great it felt to feel her “twinkle” coming back.