Friday, January 21, 2011

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Too Far...

“Charlotte! What happened to your eye?!” exclaimed DiDi.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” said Charlotte nervously. “I’m just clumsy… I tripped on the area rug when I got out of bed this morning and banged my head on the armoire when I tried to catch my balance.”

“Wow, that’s quite a shiner,” said DiDi. “How do you feel? Have you been to the doctor? Do you need me to take you? Would you rather cancel the meeting for another time?

"In answer to your questions," said Charlotte: “Fine...Yes...No... and NO!”

“So you’ve been to the doctor?

“Well, not exactly,” said Charlotte. "Clive called her right after it happened and I’m following the instruction she gave keep ice on the eye and just ‘shake it off’.”

“Shake it off?” asked DiDi. “That was her professional advice? What does that mean, exactly?”

“Oh, you know," said Charlotte, “Not to take it – or myself – so just get on with things as normal.”

“Un, hunh...” said DiDi, trying hard not to sound suspicious, “you said Clive talked to her...did you get to talk to her at all?

“I talked to her and that was enough,” said Clive, suddenly appearing from around the corner.

Without missing a beat, DiDi checked her concerns and turned on the charm.

“Oh, Clive, I’m sure you attended to Charlotte as devotedly as any husband could, but it’s a MOM thing, you know? We Moms tend to be very protective...even of other people’s children.”

“Well, no, I don’t know, actually, since I was sent to off to boarding school at a very early age...but I do look forward to finding out someday, soon, when Charlotte becomes a mother.”

“Charlotte! Are you...?” asked DiDi.

“Oh, no...not yet,” said Charlotte shyly.

“But it’s certainly not for lack of trying, is it, darling?” said Clive with a smile (that looked almost like a sneer), as he kissed Charlotte on the forehead.

“Well, ladies, this morning’s incident has already made me late for my meeting, so let me say ‘adieu’ and be off. DiDi, I trust that I’m leaving Charlotte in good hands with you since you’re a...mother.

Somehow “mother” lost all its maternal feelings when Clive said it.

“Sure thing!” promised DiDi, attempting an ingratiating smile.

Clive turned to DiDi to shake her hand. Suddenly DiDi saw an opportunity...

“I hate to be a ‘mother’ again, Clive, but hold still for a minute; it appears that in attending to Charlotte, you were unable to properly attend to yourself.”


“Oh, it’s nothing, just a few stray hairs on your, let me brush them off for you. We can’t let Skye and Raven Whitney’s son-in-law go to a meeting un-groomed.”

Before Clive could protest, DiDi swept into action...literally.

Sweeping two stray hairs from Clive’s shoulder, DiDi quickly linked arms with him and began walking with him to the door.

“There you you’re perfect,” said DiDi, as she opened the door and ushered Clive out. “And don’t give Charlotte a second thought, I’ve got everything under control.”

Closing the door, DiDi leaned against it and pulled a plastic sandwich bag out of her pocket. Tucking Clive’s two stray hairs carefully inside, she gingerly tucked it back into her pocket and strolled confidently back into Charlotte’s library, assured that her true mission had been accomplished.

“Now, Charlotte, m’dear...where were we?”

To be continued...

Mariann Aalda played DiDi Bannister-Stoner on Edge of Night from 1981 to its final episode on December 28, 1984. She also played Grace Battles on Guiding Light and Lena Hart on Sunset Beach on daytime and starred in the primetime series The Royal Family and First & 10 and recurred or guest-starred on such shows as Designing Women, Grace Under Fire and The Parkers, among others. With a penchant for comedy, she's also done stand-up in clubs across the country and is the co-creator of M.O.I.S.T.! -- the "sex-istential" comedy-with-music celebrating the seasoned woman -- which she co-wrote/produced/performs with Iona Morris (ex-Fiona Griffin, As The World Turns).


  1. DiDi did a great job -- she really should join Chris's detective agency. ;)

  2. Oh boy. Charlotte is showing the classic symptoms of an abused spouse.

    I sincerely doubt Sky and Raven would put up with their daughter being hit by her husband.

    Although the other thought I had was that what if Charlotte is having lots of "accidents" - as in: she thinks they're accidents, but her husband is actually staging them.

  3. I am loving this. It reminds me how much I used to love Edge. Keep up the good work, I hope you mention what ever happened to Derek. And Myles and Beth for that matter too.

  4. GREG MAY of Orlando, FL says . . . When I was a kid, I used to RUN home from school every weekday afternoon to watch THE EDGE OF NIGHT! I will never forget those fascinating storylines such as the Whitney Family saga, the crook hiding under the Marceau's house and the Serena/Josie storyline. Shame on ABC for cancelling this show.

  5. Greg May says:

    I met Dennis Parker one night at the Parliament House, which was the Studio 54 of Orlando during the late 70’s. He was promoting his album, “Like An Eagle.” I saw him on THE MERV GRIFFIN SHOW a couple weeks earlier. He was on the same show with my icon, GRACE JONES! After his performance, I approached him and all I could talk about was Grace Jones! He looked at me funny and asked me to dance. He picked me up and told me to grab the mirror ball hanging over the dance floor. He walked off the floor leaving me hanging onto the mirror ball! It broke loose from the light grid and broke into a million pieces on the dance floor. The management had a fit! Miss Vickie, the club’s host and everybody’s den mother threw me out. Two years later, Dennis lands the role of the Chief of Police on my favorite soap, THE EDGE OF NIGHT. Now that’s fate! Greg May Orlando, FL

  6. Marianne?? Where are you???

    Hope you are okay...maybe you are too busy to continue the story? :( Hope not, while I like being busy too, it would be a shame to start this up and not finish it. :((

  7. EON received its greatest publicity since the death of Sarah Karr (Mike Karr's first wife) in 1961 when co-writer Grace Garment committed suicide. Ms. Garment created the Serena/Josie storyline about a woman with a split personality.
    Unbeknownst to anyone, Ms. Garment suffered from the same personality disorder.

  8. Mariann?

    We miss you and we miss getting regular updates on EONToday!

  9. Apparently we were fooled. Mariann Aalda isn't writing this blog, it's Alina Adams.

    Guess she's too busy writing Another World Today that she can't be troubled with resurrecting Edge. I'd take EON over AW any day of the week.